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Pure Essential
Oil Blends

Our blends of 100% NATURAL Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils harness the true power of Mother Nature's raw, naturally extracted ingredients.
Pure Essential Oil Blends

Essential oils are a concentrated mixture of natural and aromatic compounds obtained from plant material — flowers, buds, seeds, leaves, twigs, bark, herbs, wood, fruit, and roots. Essential oils are typically created by steam-distilling the entire plant into a concentrated liquid. They also sometimes are made by cold-pressing the plant.

To make intelligent and appropriate choices you should know the differences surrounding essential oils nowadays. So let’s help you get some clarity in this area.

Synthetic vs. Natural essential oils

Synthetic reconstitutions of essential oils use synthetically reproduced chemicals (usually petroleum derived) to recreate some of the properties found in nature. Price is a good indication if the oil is synthetically reproduced. These are pretty much a cheap way of imitating the aroma of a plant and they seldom include all the trace compounds which might be found in any given specimen of a certain plant material. These are used mostly by an industry which accepts a very low standard (for example cheap perfumes, WC fresheners, etc.) and they are not suitable for therapeutic use.

Natural essential oils, on the other hand, are derived from a real plant. The prices are naturally higher than those of the synthetic ones. 

100% pure vs. Certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils

100% pure essential oils – low grade
It is not a common knowledge that many of these oils do not derive from the plants grown in their own natural habitat, but from artificially created plant fields. These fields do not possess the same soil quality and climate that is so essential for a given plant to thrive and grow to its full therapeutic potency. Moreover, the soil may have been contaminated, or pesticides used to ensure maximised harvests. Of course, that is conveniently omitted from the description on the product.

100% pure essential oils- High, therapeutic grade
These products have a whole different standard for essential oil purity and potency. This standard requires precise care and effort to protect what nature has created, which correlates directly with the health-enhancing benefits you expect from essential oils. The oils are sourced from their own natural habitat and they are not contaminated from polluted soil or pesticides. They do not contain any fillers or artificial ingredients and companies producing high grade therapeutic essential oils have very strict quality control. But what makes these oils therapeutic? Only this level of quality can ensure the correct composition of the active natural compounds that give the essential oils the therapeutic properties.

We are proud to commit and promise to only EVER using 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

Essential Oil Roll-On Blends
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