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Lip Butters

Nourish and protect your lips with the best natural lip balm for dry lips in NZ. 

Whether the sun is scorching down, the temperature's dropped below zero or the air-con is on full, the delicate skin on your lips is in a constant battle against the elements. Slathering your lips with balm is supposed to protect them – but is the need for constant top-ups a sign that products aren't quite as moisturising as you're led to think?

Some people swear by petroleum jelly as their go-to lip balm. But the derivative from oil refining does not actively nourish the skin, but rather seals the lips so moisture does not escape. And as moisture can’t get out, air and moisture can’t get in – meaning it can dry your lips.

Natural lip balms contain pure ingredients from plants or bees, without the synthetic ingredients that conventional lip balms may use.

Our reviews say it all! Our plastic-free lip balms are so good, you’ll never use anything else. Packed with nourishing plant-based raw ingredients and powerful essential oils, our lip balms leave your lips super hydrated without any plastic pot or tube. They are cruelty-free, palm oil free and made of sustainably-sourced ingredients and come in either a plastic-free jar or plastic free recycled cardboard tube. 

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