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The origin of Nudi Point...

100% NATURAL, skincare, aromatherapy
Natural, face products, skin care
Essential Oils, aromatherapy, NZ
Organic, natural, vegan skincare, NZ
Nature, gift, handmade, made in NZ

When I was 10, my family decided to leave the hustle and bustle of the city life in Auckland and head for the serene surroundings of the Far North. We landed in a small community-focused area called Takahue Valley. 


Our magical little piece of land is just short of 10 acres and is complete with two swimming holes. The first one, only metres away from both homes.
The other, a short walk away through the fields. It wraps around the corner of the river and has a stunning background of native forest and blue skies.


This particular swimming hole became quite appealing for those wanting to "be one" with nature and take a little dip in the nude.
It wasn't long before it received it's nickname "Nudi Point".


From that moment on, it was always just called that. My friends and I set up camp down at Nudi Point one year when I was roughly 12 years old. I've been camping down there with friends ever since and it has become a very special place.

There's just something about Nudi Point. There's a magic in the air. It's a place of clarity, comfort, and extreme serenity. 
A place to ground yourself again, to find answers to life's questions, to connect with nature.


Nudi means naked. Naked is natural. Nudi Point products are completely naked and natural.


The purified water in each product comes from Nudi Point.
Every photo on this website was taken at Nudi Point.
Even the swirl in the logo reflects the shape of Nudi Point.


Each and every product that leaves here has a little bit of Nudi Point magic in it...
and it is my pleasure and privilege to share it with you.



Meet the team

Blair edit.JPG


Founder / Owner

Mum edit.JPG


Production Assistant

Delwyn edit.JPG


Production Manager

Josh edit.JPG


Production Assistant

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