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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that Mother Earth supplies us with absolutely everything we need to create wholesome, high quality, effective handmade body bars, balms, and skin care products. We also believe they're only as good as the ingredients used to create them. Our unique formulas rely on moisturising oils and butters, healing botanicals and pure essential oils. We choose every ingredient carefully with one end-result in mind.... the BEST possible natural skin care for you. We proudly list EVERY ingredient in all of our products so that you can make informed choices about the products you put on your skin.


Here are some facts about our products, process and philosophy.


- We only use truly natural (not nature-identical) ingredients.

- You could eat the majority of our ingredients (probably not the best idea though!)

- All our formulas have taken years to perfect, and sometimes after 100's of batches of a particular product, we can still find ways to make little improvements.

- Our entire range is vegetarian (mostly vegan) and 100% Palm Oil Free.

- Our soap is what is known as ‘cold process’ soap. This means it is not boiled for hours and hours (hot process soap).

- Our soap-making philosophy is based on gently helping ingredients to combine, and letting the soap do its thing naturally. We do not believe in the use of excessive heat, or ‘force-curing’ our bars with the use of dehumidifiers.

- NONE of our products, nor their ingredients, are tested on animals.

- All our products are 100% biodegradable.

- We take great pains to be environmentally conscious with our packaging. All our packaging is recyclable, and our use of plastic is very minimal.



100% NATURAL - is that possible?


Yes it is!  Our ingredients are either certified organic botanicals, oils and butters, or 100% naturally derived, beneficial skin care ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, pure essential oils etc.  We use Viatmin E as a natural preservative system in our skin care products to keep them fresh as long as possible.


What is the shelf life of Nudi Point products?


The shelf life varies by product but generally our products stay fresh for 12 – 18 months after opening. Nudi Point products are made with 100% natural ingredients so they will react to extreme heat or cold. Store your products at room temperature, out of direct sunlight to maximize product life and efficiency.


Can I use Nudi Point products if I have eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis?


The natural formulations of our products mean they contain none of the harsh and irritating ingredients, such as sulphates (the leading cause of contact dermatitis) and synthetic fragrances that are found in traditional skin care products. This makes them perfect for anyone that has especially sensitive skin. The "Healing Me Softly" (Body Bar) was actually specifically created for relief from eczema and other skin conditions.


Do any of the Nudi Point products use artifical fragrances or colours?


Absolutely ZERO of the Nudi Point products contain any synthetic fragrances or colours. The use of pure essential oils including Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Tea Tree, Bergamot, Lemon, (etc etc) are what gives each product it’s beautiful scent, and the colours are created using 100% natural coloured mica. Coloured micas are made from ingredients formed from mineral rocks.


Are Nudi Point products sustainable?


Nudi Point products do not contain environmentally damaging chemical compounds such as parabens or formaldehydes. Our products are made from the highest ingredients, all of which are environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable. Our packaging is recyclable and low impact.


How do you know the ingredients used in Nudi Point products are effective?


All Nudi Point products undergo extensive testing, so every claim we make about our products’ effectiveness is backed up by large numbers of users feedback and testing.

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