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Essential Oil Diffusers

Shop for the best aroma oil diffuser in New Zealand. Bring relaxation and peace to your home, office, or bedroom with one of our Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers.


An oil diffuser is a device used for emitting essential oils into the air, leaving you feeling relaxed and the room smelling nice. Whether it is for aromatherapy or just for personal purposes of freshening up the space, diffusing essential oils is an excellent way of making the room more habitable and comfortable.


There are a world of benefits for using an aromatherapy diffuser, but before you buy that aroma diffuser, here are a few tips on how to operate the device. Our ultra-sonic oil diffusers are an electrical device, so you have to plug it into an electrical outlet to use it. When powered on, the disc inside the ultrasonic diffuser begins to vibrate. This vibration causes the essential oils to turn into tiny molecules that mix up with the water and are dispersed as a fine aromatic mist.


It's very easy to get your essential oil diffuser set up.

1. Find the best place: you should place the essential oil diffuser in a position where it can be connected to electrical power. Ensure that it is on a surface at least two feet above the floor to achieve effective distribution of the mist. You would also want to put it in a room or place where you usually go to relax or spend a bit of time.

2. Fill the diffuser tank: the diffuser works with water to give off a lot of moisture from the little essential oil put in it, so fill the tank up before it starts and at intervals when the water dissipates. Take note of the maximum limit above which you must not add any more water to the essential oil diffuser.


3. Put in your essential oils: click here to view our range of beautiful Pure Essential Oil Blends to use in your oil diffuser. You can add as much oils as you like in proportion to the size of the essential oil diffuser and how strong you want the scent to be.


4. Regulate the diffuser: It is good that many diffusers come with settings that you can adjust to suit your desired preferences. It may take a while to peg which setting is most pleasing to you. Take your time to launch into a voyage of discovery.

Oil Diffusers
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