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Take your skincare routine to the next level with this ancient beauty tool. Our Terahertz Face Rollers assist to detox your skin, decrease puffiness, decrease fine lines and tighten the skin. Comes in a luxury presentation and storage box.


The act of rolling and massaging the skin with the rollers increases circulation and helps the lymphatic system to carry away toxins. With increased blood and lymph flow, you can count on a renewal of cells and moving the toxins away more quickly.

A unique merging of anti-aging properties of Chinese ancient wisdom and the healing properties of the powerful Tarahertz Stone. Provides faster skin regeneration and detoxification, helps with lymphatic drainage, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, as well as enhances your entire body with healing energies. Terahertz is a mineral with a special power that vibrates about 1 trillion times per second. This frequency is known to have a great effect on human "health", and it works on weak cells, enzymes and DNA to improve immunity and natural healing power. It also improves blood retention and has the effect of draining unwanted waste and excess water. It is a very powerful healing stone that possesses very high oscillating frequency as well as thermal conductivity. It can increase blood circulation and stimulate metabolism and rejuvenation. It also has the ability to quickly absorb temperature, which is very suitable for hyperthermia (relaxation of muscles and opening of pores) and cold therapy (contraction of muscles).

  • Improved circulation and skin tone
  • Reduced puffiness and wrinkles
  • Reduced dark under eye circles
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage
  • Increases Chi ( Life force energy ) to your skin
  • Reduces stagnation and dull looking complexion
  • Tightens and reduced pore size


Best followed with our “Facially Yours” - Facial Serum for ultimate results.

Terahertz Face Roller

$45.00 Regular Price
$32.00Sale Price

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