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Create a beautiful ambience in your home or create it on the go with this attractive and portable essential oil diffuser that has a changeable, colourful LED light and gorgeous Himalayan Salt Crystals.


Beautiful style with Himalayan Salt Crystals: With the added benefit of pure Himalayan Salt Crystals, this aroma diffuser adds a certain coolness to your workspace or room. Swap them out for crystals of your own and create a custom style.

260ml Capacity Tank: 260ml water tank, this diffuser power is supported by a USB cord.

7 Changing-Colour Lights: The diffuser comes with 7 colours of lighting. It makes a perfect night light for bedrooms. Multiple light changing options.

Whisper-Quiet: Our essential oil ultrasonic diffusers adopt ultrasound technology that provide smooth mist and pleasant fragrances to bring relaxation and tranquility to your life.

Simple Operation

1. Lift up the cover; fill the water tank.
2. Add 3-5 drops of essential oil (see our PURE blends here). You can also add some essential oil directly to the crystals.
3. Connect the humidifier to power source and press the on button to start the mist. Press and hold the button for light options.

Mini Himalayan Salt Crystal Oil Diffuser