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Because plain ice is boring!

As opposed to traditional ice cubes, these hand-carved Crystal Ice Rocks don't melt, ensuring your drink stays chilled without diluting. They are reusable, non-porous, odourless and do not impart flavour. They offer a perfectly chilled drink from the first sip to the last!

To use the cubes simply store them in a freezer in their velvet bag. When needed, simply place 2 or 3 stones (depending on desired temperature) into your drink and enjoy.


Green Aventurine is a stone of prosperity. It reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness and promotes compassion and empathy. Green Aventurine encourages perseverance and stabilises one’s state of mind. It aids in seeing alternatives and possibilities, calms anger and irritation and promotes feelings of well-being.


BPA free

Non-porous - will impart neither fllavour or odour

Rounded edges to prevent scratching



For effective cooling, place in the freezer 4 hours before use.

Wash before first use and allow to dry.

To clean rinse with warm water.


Each set contains 6 x cubes and a velvet storage pouch.

Dimensions (Individual Stone): 2cm x 2cm (approx.)

Crystal Ice Rocks (Set of 6) - Green Aventurine

$29.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price

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