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Grab yourself a deal with $45 off the normal price of all 6 x Natural Perfumes and have the variety to choose a different perfume every day!


"Absolute Divinity"

Woody and enticing, with a beautiful delicateness. The top notes of Sweet Orange, middle notes of Lavender and base notes of Sandalwood & Vanilla make this scent refreshing and enchanting.


"Gentle Obsession"

A sweet, fruity floral. We blend top notes of Sweet Orange & Lime, and base notes of Jasmine and Vanilla to get this unique scent.


“Shivelight Shadow”
This unisex scent contains the essence of a rose and precious citrus. We blended top notes of Sweet Orange and Pink Grapefruit, middle notes of Lavender and a perfect base of Rose to create this opulent scent.

"Elemental Fever"
A mysterious and sensual elixir composed with top notes of Sweet Orange, middle notes of Geranium, base notes of ‘Nature’s Aphrodisiac’ Ylang Ylang and an overdose of creamy, Vanilla.

“Mythical Notion”
This exotic fragrance combines top notes of May Chang & Neroli, middle notes of Geranium and a creamy Vanilla base. A beautiful floral/citrus musk.


“The Fifth Nature”
Wild and exotic with a hint of spice! This unisex (and my personal favourite!) is a combination of top notes of Pink Grapefruit & Cinnamon, middle notes of Ylang Ylang and base notes of creamy Vanilla. This stunning combination will tantalize your senses with its aromatic deliciousness.

All 6 Natural Perfumes

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