Customer Reviews

Rebecca Ryan
Auckland, NZ

"Dear Nudi Point, thank you so much for the beautiful gift box I ordered for my friend's birthday. It smelt amazing and looked incredible. The packaging was so rustic and natural, a really nice touch. My friend absolutely loves her "Face of the Earth" exfoliating facial bar, "Nailed It!" cuticle butter and "Smooth Intentions" massage oil. It was the perfect gift for a busy mum of 2!"

Ashlyn Hogan
Auckland, NZ

"Woke up to my super fast delivery of amazing Nudi Point products today! I could smell them before I even opened the courier bag! Absolutely divine products and even a personalised note :)  I want to

eat the liquorice bar it smells that good! Thank you so much."

Tama Tomlinson
Auckland, NZ

"I've been trying 'Spot The Difference'. Ohhh. Where do I begin. This bar makes my skin feel like new. Wowza. My skin feels less oily and softer. Here's to clear skin in the near future (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)"

Mark Bulman
Napier, NZ

"My bathroom smells amazing and I haven't even broken the seals!

Top notch products!!"

Becs Ashwood
Auckland, NZ

"As a huge fan of essential oils I could totally appreciate the aroma AS I was opening my Nudi Point package. Very stoked!"

Debi Cargill
Mangonui, NZ
Kellie Knight
Tokerau Beach, NZ

"I would like to take the time to say how awesome I have found Nudi Point products. My son has acne quite bad and I have tried a range of soaps that won’t react badly with his skin and found nothing till Blair suggested Nudi Point "Spot the difference" -  all I can say is it's awesome and myself and my son are very happy with it. I have also used the "Liquorice All Sorts (of goodness)" facial bar myself and I know 'no soap on the face' but this is amazing. The smell... and the way it makes your skin feel is amazing. I can’t wait to try other Nudi Point products and would highly recommend these products to anyone out there - honestly guys I’m not normally one to do this but credit where credit is due. Well done to the team at Nudi Point"

Crystal Walker
Auckland, NZ

"The most delicious products I have ever purchased, my bathroom smells glorious. Highly recommend the black licorice face bar, my skin feels invigorated after every clean. Smells good enough to eat.

5 stars!"

Lisa Rice
Kaitaia, NZ

"Got the "Healing Me Softly" body bar for my son who has suffered from eczema ever since he was born, he is 15 now!! He had allergies, flare ups, always red itchy skin. Of course the doctor said he would grow out of it.....yeah NAH. So I tried the bar and his skin improved immediatly, redness subdued, dryness disappering!! It is amazing and it is healing him!! Amazing. So I need more bars to try on my daughter who is on medication for her eczema.Thanks so much for your natural products that WORK and smell amazing too. With eczema we stay away from aroma smelling products... plain and bland stuff for us... but not anymore. Thanks heaps."

Maralize Bamber
Victoria Valley, NZ

"Omg!!!!!! Just got some of these beauties! Only problem is they smell sooooo good, I am not sure whether I should eat them or bathe in I went with both! Oops! Thank you so much Nudi Point, best soaps I have ever had!"

"I almost cried with delight using the Lavender soap last night, but I was too relaxed lol...blissssss, thank you!"